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New BING Business Portal Beta

The BING Local Listings is now transformed into BING Business Portal Beta which predicted to be a real challenge for Google Places and improved exposure for Local Businesses. 

Features helps you in:

Dress up your Listings 

Promote Special Deals 

Media and Marketing Elements Integration 

Consumer Reviews 

Quick Response Codes – Most compatible for QR codereaders on most smart phone cameras

Visualize Listings on PCs and Mobiles 

Menu Creation 

Post to Facebook Business pages from the portal’s interface 

Free Coupons and Offers 

SE Indexing 

Contacts Book/User Management/Role Based Access 

Drag and Drop Option 

High-Lighted Listing on Local SERPs (previously BING used to bring the results from Yellow Pages) 

Beta Version Tools 

Help Forums 

Quicker Verification 

Cartoon Format

And similar features to and advanced features than Google Places and Local Business Listings. 

Also, planned to include more in near future. 


BING and YAHOO signs a Deal on Jul 29, 2009. The Deal is, “Microsoft’s Bing search engine will power Yahoo’s search site, and Yahoo will sell premium search advertising services for both companies.”

BING moved to second place and raising its share on SE Market Place, as well having alliance with FaceBook in few aspects. 

Also the Max. Traffic for our Websites comes from BING & MSN, next to Google.com. 

Now Google puts More pressure on Google Places to add some more features to match Bing’s offering.

FaceBook's Recent Search Patent Overshadowing Google?

Facebook’s Search Patent “Visual tags for search results generated from social network information” put up before a month or two, is now catching the attention of Search Marketers which may be a worry for major SEs like Google. Assumed, that the high-reaching social media/networking site is started moving forwardly to the direction of search market.

With the recent approval of an automatic “curated” search patent, Facebook could well be moving into Google’s territory and making it at least a little nervous as the social network’s 600 million users (and growing) could use the algorithm to find answers to their burning questions amongst their FB friends, rather than go outside of it.

Previously, Google’s web search tests getting more social after the announcement of FaceBook and BING alliance concerning to the Like and Profile search data of FB.

Data released from comScore Friday points to a rise in U.S. share for Bing and slight decline for Google.

Is that all means FB is overshadowing Google?

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