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Google’s new AdWords SMB Partner Program

Oct. 26, 2011 – Google announced a new partnership program for AdWords advertisers that is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses reach new customers using AdWords. It’s called the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner Program (PSP).The program connects what Google calls its “trusted and experienced” partners with businesses to create, manage, and optimize AdWords campaigns to help businesses reach more customers and maximize the potential of advertising budgets.

Listen ReachLocal – Google Adwords Premier SMB Partner

URL – http://www.google.com/ads/premiersmbpartner/

Source: http://www.smallbusinessnewz.com/topnews/2011/10/28/google-launches-adwords-smb-partner-program

Adwords Express – Google has Launched a New Service – On July 25th, 2011

“AdWords Express helps potential customers find your website or Place page, and gives you a quick and straightforward way to connect with them and grow your business,” she adds. “You simply provide some basic business information, create your ad, and your campaign is ready to go.”” Your ad will be shown in the Ads section of search results pages—on the top or right hand side—and in Google Maps with a distinctive blue pin,” says McEvoy. “Customers can see your ad whether they’re searching on laptops or mobile phones.”If AdWords Express looks familiar, that’s because it was originally launched in select markets last October under the name Google Boost.

All the business owner needs to do is enter a category, write a headline and description, set a budget and tell AdWords Express whether a clicked ad should send people to the company’s Website or a Google Places page. The finished product is a a cost-per-click ad campaign that runs on Google search results pages, on Google Maps and on mobile devices running Android.

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