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Major Google Algorithm Update in 2010

In January 2010 Google is going to do a major Google Algorithm Update. In previous updates they give more important to Backlinks but now they are taken into more consideration on other factors also.

At PubCon, Matt Cutts from Google said there is strong lobbying in Google to introduce a new ranking factor into the algorithm. The new ranking factor has to do with how fast a site or page loads. Matt described this as one of his ‘what to expect in 2010′ bullet points in his presentation yesterday in Las Vegas.

Website Speed and Loading Time

The SEO Watch confirms that the Website speed and loading time is going to be a very important factor in 2010 Google Algorithm.

Google is actually going to speed up the AdSense load time in particular for GoogleBot. As we know site loading time is main factor in ranking as per pre declared Google Algorithm of Year 2010. As per Google Adsense Adviser, for GoogleBot Google is going to improve the speed of AdSense.

Page load speed will have a definite affect on conversion rate. Numerous studies have shown that faster load times increase user retention and activity. After all, Page Loading is already a factor in the calculation of quality score for AdWords. Google announced that average page load speed now appears within their webmaster central dashboard.

As per Barry Schwartz, the Search Engine Land’s News Editor’s statement “There are over 200 ranking factors in the algorithm and each are weighted differently. If I had to guess, page speed would not be a tremendously weighed factor, unless the site takes 90 seconds to load”.

New Web Pages

And another factor that is going to influence our ranking is creating new pages. Google Artificially Promotes Recent Web Pages from Google Operating System reports that Google has been recently showing a bit too much love to new or very recent pages indexed by Google. We all know Google has been getting really quick at indexing new pages, starting back in early August. But ranking those pages extremely well for queries is another story.

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