FaceBook's Recent Search Patent Overshadowing Google?

Facebook’s Search Patent “Visual tags for search results generated from social network information” put up before a month or two, is now catching the attention of Search Marketers which may be a worry for major SEs like Google. Assumed, that the high-reaching social media/networking site is started moving forwardly to the direction of search market.

With the recent approval of an automatic “curated” search patent, Facebook could well be moving into Google’s territory and making it at least a little nervous as the social network’s 600 million users (and growing) could use the algorithm to find answers to their burning questions amongst their FB friends, rather than go outside of it.

Previously, Google’s web search tests getting more social after the announcement of FaceBook and BING alliance concerning to the Like and Profile search data of FB.

Data released from comScore Friday points to a rise in U.S. share for Bing and slight decline for Google.

Is that all means FB is overshadowing Google?


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