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Infographic on Panda Update, A Year Later

The following the infographic produced by SearchEngineLand in joining together with BlueGlass explains the Panda mechanism, what are the changes compressed with and the several other updates from Panda 1.0 to Panda 3.2 that have taken place.



A Panda Infographic From Cognitive SEO



Authorship Markup – New Ranking Signal

​Google makes use of the Authorship as a Ranking Signal as well as intends to writing the web content using authorship markup. The fact is this feature also campaigns the Google Profile, to improve the Google+ user experience.

Few words from the statements of Google,

Here are the basic steps:

1. Find your Google Profile

2. Add “?rel=author” on the end of your Google Profile URL

3. Wrap that in an a tag – <a href=”that url here”

4. Google wants you to use something like “+Matt Cutts” as the anchor text.

5. Insert that on your article, and point your Google Profile back to the site

“If I can’t control the attributes, I can still add a link to this special URL,” says Cutts, and it’s really as simple as that.

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