Google Crawled, Indexed. But not Visible in SERP at Any Position for Any Keywords

I found the above titled issue at a redirected URL recently after the Google update 2011. That is, “URL Crawled, Indexed. But not shown in SERPs for any keywords at any level”.

The time gap of “Google Crawling” is also reduced which is a Good Sign.  But at the other end, when I type the URL in Google it’s shown up. But, not for the basic level as well as targeted keywords and even for its own content. If I copy paste the first few words of its own content in SERP (actually it must come), it is not visible at any level.

After a thorough analysis on various factors, found content duplication is the main issue and also found out the sites that are having the entire content even with same images.

As per the information I have gained, the same Content came for the results, before the URL redirection. The problem happened after redirecting to a new URL with the same content.  Because those people copied that website’s content before the URL redirection and before the Google Update 2011. The redirection done after the date, they have copied. So the problem is, coz of the recent update happening in between these, Google assumed that the redirected URL is the copied victim based on the date factor.

Solutions to be made, if above issue happens:

First analyze whether is there is any other site copied your content. If it is so,

1. We could try the old URL without redirection but with the same content. Since it is an old content for that Old URL and Google already knows it, there might be a chance for reconsidering the content into its SERP.


2. We could completely put up Fresh content with current URL. And suggest for URL for reconsideration in Google Webmasters tool with the explained details. But it might take a long time to bring the URL.


3. Completely change the URL and Content for that product.

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