Drawbacks of Email Marketing

1. Email Marketing is acknowledged as spammer. Nowadays, people are getting irritated with lots of unwanted emails. Email service providers have taken action to implement more powerful spam filters. Sometimes service providers like gmail, also could possibly block genuine emails too. To stop experiencing this kind of problems, the subject line and content of your emails must not mean that they are spam. Avoid using promotional words like “Free”, “Discounts”, “Coupon”, “Welcome”, etc.

2. Always sending so many email messages, over and over again, or bad content to sales gain and you may perhaps find your email list becoming used up and burned out. Be cautious to constantly build your list important to your readers, not an irritation.

3. Email receivers are most receptive when they first subscribe to an email. Keep them engaged is a difficult one.

4. There is always a complicatedness of getting e-mails distributed through different internet service providers, corporate firewalls and web mail systems.

5. Even thought the mails are sending free there must be cost involved in this. Coz, we need to employ an individual to do this and we have to make a payment to him. We have to pay to get a mailing list from a email broker. The most involved costs associated with are writing the ads and generating any graphics which will go along with the emails. Coz we have to hire a writer and designer to do this.

Note: Always make clear in your mind that the content of the emails are very informative and instructive. Don’t inform only about your product or service, endow your content with other tips and information to your subscribers so that they will find it useful to stay on your mailing list. Gain trust from your recipients and become a recommended mailer, so that your subscribers are suggested to make a particular action such as purchasing your product or service.


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