Dynamic XML Sitemaps to increase your Dynamic WebSite Value

Now you have the choice of taking the next step with xml sitemaps by including a dynamically generated XML sitemap on your site. If your site has a database, implementing a dynamic XML sitemap allows you to not only customize each URL of the sitemap, but also ensures that new links are added to the sitemap immediately and automatically without you or your site admin having to do so. This is especially helpful with sites having hundreds to thousands of URLS.

Search Engines be devoted to fresh and up to date content by providing them with your newest links on a regular basis, you are unquestionably encouraging frequent spidering and indexing.  A detailed dynamic sitemap can also help increase long tail conversions of your keywords and key phrases.

Google is now giving strong suggestions in its Webmaster Tools that including the relative significance of individual pages in your sitemaps is a good idea. You can easily recognize the value of pages in a static sitemap prior to uploading it to the root directory. On the other hand, by using a data based dynamic sitemap, you can set top level, category and product page defaults to your desired importance, ensuring that all new links include an appropriate rating automatically.

By including a Dynamic XML Sitemap on your website, you are rising to a new level of involvement and capability in the search engine optimization of your website. You will be keeping up with the most up-to-date SEO values and making sure that your site’s content is as accessible as possible to both the search engines and users.

There are a number of sitemap generators that can make a sitemap for a static site, but if you have an eCommerce site with lots of products and service pages that are changing frequently, a dynamic xml sitemap will be valuable as it will frequently keep itself up-to-date.


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