SEO Audit – SEO Auditing Process

Here is an outline of the major sections of SEO Audit Process:

  1. Website Optimization: Technical Review, URL Management, XML Sitemap, Internal Link Structure, Other Items.
  2. Competitive Research: Keyword Analytics, Research, and Rankings with a Competitive Link Profile Scorecard.
  3. Content Development: Content Analytics, Page Titles, META Data, Home Page Review, Website Content Review.
  4. Assessing the website on suitability for your target audience – function, navigation, user accessibility. Is the website ready for more users or is there additional work that could be done to make the site more persuasive? Are there other ways you could potentially drive traffic to your site?
  5. Niche Specific – The advanced audit process includes analyzing the products displayed in an ecommerce website. This includes competitive analysis in pricing, products, coupons and more. This tends to vary based on the website niche and target. A detailed product audit includes the analysis on the navigation path, images, content, pricing, reviews etc. In case of a travel website this would vary to analysis over a booking process etc. These suggestions are vital which play a major role in the website conversion.

What we have to look at while doing SEO Audit is,

  1. Keyword Targeting
  2. Domain & URL Issues
  3. Structure & Information Architecture
  4. Site Coding
  5. Outbound Links
  6. Inbound Links
  7. Site Navigation
  8. Usability & Visitor experience

Once the initial SEO audit is complete, you will have a full report detailing where you could make both quick SEO wins and longer term improvements. Once the completion of the SEO Audit Process, you’ll have the knowledge you need and also the opportunity to:

  1. Increase traffic
  2. Drive more qualified leads
  3. Rank higher in natural searches for your key terms
  4. Save time and money with expert advice
  5. Avoid common pitfalls and misinformation about SEO

SEO Audit is mainly focused to ensure,

  1. Search Engine Friendliness
  2. Conversion Rate Improvement

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  1. You made some Good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree.

  2. Brilliant blog post about search engine optimization. I’m frankly quite dumfounded that that has not been articulated earlier to such a great length.

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