Five Topmost Tips for your Website Design

Over the years professionals have designed successful websites by following a few important guidelines. Designing a website based on these principles is bound to make your website a visitor’s delight.

Web Designing Tips

It’s important to pay attention to each and every component of the web page like the layout design, content, appropriate usage of graphics, designs, etc.

The Layout

Use a layout that enables plentiful usage of white space. This adds elegance to your site.

Appropriate Content

Pay special attention to the web content.

  • Use carefully selected appropriate words
  • Present them in fonts that are available on all computers. This prevents the site from looking messed up
  • Also ensure that your font color is also presentable. Web visitors can barely tolerate colored words that make reading painful.

The Load Time

You might design a good website following these principles. But your efforts will be fruitless if your website takes more than 15 seconds to load. To minimize the load time, use less of graphics and flash, as they increase the file size. Minimize the size of images and eliminate all the unwanted tags and script..

Easy Navigation

Web surfers have limited time and patience. They will stay in your site only if they get the information they want without having to search for it. Ensure that you link all the available information and place all your useful links on top of the web page.

Browser Compatibility

Check your site on major browsers used around the world. Make sure that your site is browser compatible. You might encounter a few problems on some browsers, but these are easily solvable.


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  1. navigation is very important

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