W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) compatible websites are developed purely by abiding the term and conditions of W3C standards to deliver a world class quality website. Generally, W3C was jointly hosted by MIT laboratory in US and in Europe by INRIA. W3C was initially established in collaboration with CERN and DARPA and the European commission. W3C is an international consortium which is developed to create interoperability between the current and the future browsers.

W3C Validation and Recommendation:

W3C has certain criteria to be met in order to bring out quality websites.

  • Allowing Forward compatibility for the future technologies and new standards.
  • Should be compatible with the older browsers.
  • Allowing greater number of internet enabled components such as mobile, digital components such as I pods.
  • Creating content understandable and navigable.
  • Security Conformance Level.
  • Provide Access Keys.

There are quite worthy benefits of making your website W3C compatibility. They are bulleted here for you.

  • Easy accessibility
  • Reduced amount of coding
  • Website can be easily viewable from PCs, laptops, PDAs, etc.
  • A complete validation with a wide range of dynamic pages, scripts, content and multimedia graphical presentation.
  • Existing and succeeding browsers will display the web pages in the same way.

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