Ecommerce Websites – SEO Analysis Checklist

Initial Analysis

Budget your investment for search engine optimization

Search hard for a good developer, do your due diligence

Choosing the right e-commerce platform

Search hard for a good SEO

Website Analysis

Overall site analysis based on SEO Strategies

Content Analysis

Keyword Analysis

Identification of target keywords

Traffic analysis

Keyword rankings report

Going Long Tail. Focus on developing a long-tail SEO strategy to capture traffic from less competitive keywords or phrases, by combining a good content creation plan and good Keyword research.

Competitive Analysis

Know your Competitors and start small. Identify who your competitors are.

Traffic Audit of Competitors

Identification of Competitor’s targeted keywords

Analysis of Competitor’s search engine rankings

Summary of Comptetitor’s eCommerce site

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Review

Title and Header Tags

Keyword Density


Website navigation and overall useability

Blog. A blog can work in a social marketing concept. SEO wise, stick with the product descriptions.

Analysis of current sales funnels

Google Services Audit

Consultation, Training, and Configuration of Google Analytics

Google AdWords campaign optimization report

Recommendations and Implementation of Google Website Optimizer tests

Website Conversion Audit

Website Navigation Analysis

Analyze Current Sales Funnels

Identify optimization opportunities for sales funnels


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