Dewey Update and its impact on SERPs

Dewey update is the first major update we have seen in a while that has really been widely noticed. Google’s Matt Cutts added a post to the feedback thread on March, and asking for spam report feedback. To submit feedback, he asked for webmasters to use  the spam report feedback form and place the word “Dewey” in the “Additional details” text area on that form. After that process we did, they will analyze specific cases to this Google algorithm change and make use of that feedback to help improve the value and quality of the search results.

Mark Rushworth, a SEO specialist says, “My own personal viewpoint is that the latest update is Google’s latest attempt to internalize all search traffic back through Google related services as I am now seeing Google Books results appearing a close second to the ever dominant Wikipedia listings. I say latest attempt as the previous updates based around self interest include showing Youtube content and displaying Google news prominently above other commercial listings”.

First thing to be noticed was that many of the quality old sites suddenly moved out from the top ranking positions to pages in the tens or twenties of the index. This very unfortunate truth made upset of many SEOs. During this update, traffic dropped suddenly with many businesses seeing drops of more than a half percent in traffic and revenue. After that update, many SEOs are still trying to figure out what they should be focusing on and how to get their sites they have carefully developed back up in the SERPs.

“As with all Google algorithm changes, we’ll have to sit and see everything that is rolled out before having solid comment on it’s effects”, says Colin Cochrine, Metamend SEO, “That said, Metamend uses a number of best practice strategies that are not as subject to algorithm volatility like great content and site structure. A good website is a good website and should rank well regardless of any algorithm shifts.”

Since we don’t use unethical SEO techniques, we tend not to worry too much during an update. Simply concentrate on content, site structure and clarity. We need to know how to react quickly and efficiently. As we observe the results of this update, over time we will start to see patterns and commonalities of websites that keep on to rank well. It is crystal clear that white hat SEO strategies will continue to be the best route to developing a website or blog.


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